We strongly assist business managers

We provide services to assist business managers having issues such as improvement of business or resolve current difficulties
If you are foreign business people and would like to start or expand your business in Japan, we can be your best partner.

Management Consulting

(Problem) = (Gap between target and current status) Problem solving can be both improvement and getting over difficulties. It is necessary to define problem appropriately.
If you focus on only seeable issues, your solutions are merely symptomatic treatments and the issues will soon appear in different forms.
We analyze root cause focusing on cause-effect relationships and stay away from quick fix. We define appropriate problems and solve the root cause.

Staff Training / Seminar

We can provide variety of staff training and seminar for both Japanese and foreigners. Please feel free to tell us your requirements.
Themes include: how to make use of the net, communications (English / Japanese), problem solving, business process improvement through IT, etc.

Cost Reduction

It is important to reduce cost to increase profit. We provide tens of services to reduce cost for communication, marketing, transportation (gasoline and diesel fuel), payment, electricity, etc. Most of services are for companies but some services are applicable to employees as well. Please inform us of your interest.