Hisashi Nakatsuyama

Hisashi Nakatsuyama is the representative of Nakatsuyama Business Consulting. He is a business consultant certified by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, for short) as an Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant (hereinafter SMEC). For more information on SMEC, please refer to the web page “What is SMEC?” in the website of Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association, which administers the qualification examination for SMEC.

His expertise is IT (information technology), especially software development and IT service management. He majored in computer science at Tohoku University and its graduate school. He has a master degree in computer science. He joined Fuji Xerox in 1987 and was in charge of research and development on software related areas for more than 27 years. In addition to R&D activities themselves, he was in charge of various activities such as intellectual property management, new business, marketing methods, reform in corporate culture, internal regulation, product lifecycle policy, managerial accounting, and so forth.

He is a Japan’s licensed guide-interpreter (English) certified by Japan Tourism Agency (JTA). For more information on guide-interpreter, please refer to the JTA’s page on Guide Services.

Track records

  • Managerial support: realty, restaurant, industrial waste disposal, software development, technical service, beauty care, dental mechanic, metallic mold, travel service, etc.
  • IT utilization: website (development, operation), CRM, SNS, crowdsourcing, ASP-type mail service, system development support, etc.
  • Research: public office, autonomous body, etc.
  • International cooperation
  • Education/HR development
  • Translation/Business interpreter


  1. Hisashi Nakatsuyama